Need advice on blw

My 1yo is still throwing food on the floor despite being on blw for 4 months. Is it normal? What can i do to stop this behaviour? I started with tw at 6mo and converted to blw at 8mo after my LO keep rejecting spoon at about 7-8mo. Also, how can i encourage my LO to eat more?

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Super Mum

Definitely normal. Children loves to explore and wants to throw, smash, swish and play with food. How did you react when he throws food on the floor? Try not to react too dramatically (your child will only find it funny and want to make it happen again!). He might also be too full or he just doesn't like to eat the food. Maybe try giving him something else and see if he likes it.

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Same here. I am also still searching a solution :(

8mo ago

Oh no :( how old is your lo?