Can I mix spoon-feeding and BLW? For example, on some days I'll spoon feed my baby, and in some days, I'll do BLW?

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the more opportunities baby is given to self-feed, the more he'll be able to practice this skill. spoon is not evil but the adult intervention this entails means it's not completely in line with blw traditional weaning with spoon is not bad at all. the problem is that textures, finger food and self-feeding is not introduced early enough and both babies and caregivers over rely on spoon and you'd see adults chasing children around with a spoon. even with traditional weaning, textures/ porridge should be more chunky quickly and finger food should be introduced around 9mos

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I have a friend who did a mix of baby-led weaning and also spoon feeding. This is because their family eats out rather frequently and she wanted to be able to feed her baby while outside to minimize the mess. Her baby had no issue having a mix of both methods. An added advantage (she feels) is that she could also feed purees, cereal and porridge easily to her baby. When her baby was older, she would spoon these and encourage her baby to feed himself.

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You can mix it, but reckon it's best to do it at the beginning. You can start with spoon feeding and giving your baby finger foods. You may find that baby will prefer one method of feeding over the other but they will be learning both skills at the same time :)