My 18 months old Son recently seems to be drinking too much. From 7pm to 11pm, he had drank 3 bottles of milk, each 270ml! And he had rice at 7.30... Is that too much? But If i dun give it to him he will cry & shout. What should I do?

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Growing spurt? Thats really alot...try to spead out his milk intake it out...can still give milk if he wants. Mayb 1 btl b4 dinner then give him fruits/snacks or drink water in between? Then when it is his sleeping time then give him milk again? can try if it works? My sin sometimes also...after dinner will ask for milk. Sometimes is either still not full or whatvmy mum says "ni nian"...craving for milk.

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Agree with the mommy above -- perhaps you can try cutting down on the amount of milk per feed. That way he can have the additional serving of rice. As long as your baby keep within his daily caloric intake -- there isn't anything to worry about; he's a growing boy :)

you can give him milk but you can give maybe 100ml instead of 270ml cos the 3 bottle of milk you give only in 4 hours. You still have to give him dinner. why dont you dont give him milk at 7pm give him dinner and at 10pm you give him milk and bring him to sleep.

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I tried. But he kept chasing me for more!

oh ... milk drinker or try give him dinner at the same time 7pm then in between 8 to 10 give him two time 100ml. Cos i think he use to it for milk you cut one shut he will cry. Maybe dinner time he not feel full.

That sounds alot though. Mm ... do not make it a habit. Monitor him for a while and see how. If he keeps eating like that, kind of unhealthy.

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I remember my girl was like that at that age. Could be growth spurt too. Try giving more snacks in between and more fluid apart from milk.

Mine same as urs . Currently 23 months old . I gave her snacks & make little milk for her .