My 18 months daughter is very fussy eater...she doesn't like to eat anything..except ice creams, chocolates, wafers etc...What can i do to make her eat healthy food?? I had made lots of efforts but all in vain..

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Hi, She is just 18 months old and if now you will give into her tantrums or entertain her selective behaviour towards food then she actually grow to be a real fussy eater. As of now she is just rejecting things because she is just being introduced to lot of new ghjngs and she may take time to adjust to those new tastes, and if before reaching the time where she would start liking it, if you give up on feeding her the same food, she will eventually know that she can have her way with you and can reject food. My daughter used to make faces when I used to feed her yellow dal, gourd, bringal, cabbage etc., but I never gave her the choice to leave that food and especially make something else for her leaf I knew that it tasted terrible. I suggest, feed your child everything and do not give into her tantrums. Once in a while it is fine but not often. Apart from this you can try new way of making a particular thing if you think she might be bored with the taste of the food.

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