First time pregnant with twins

14 weeks and first time pregnant with twins. But no baby bump yet.. ?

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Same situation dear.... And my stomach only showed a bit at 20~22weeks. U wil experience strong kicks ard the same time. Most important, eat well and rest well.. u need lots of energy in yr 3rd trimester. Don't worry Abt yr bump alot.

I’ve had 4 kids and pregnant with 5th! Only 7 weeks but can already see bump. I was hoping it will only show much later, not ready with maternity clothes yet! Haha

Baby is still very small at week 14. Some people with a single baby only start showing bump at week 20

Hi dear! Same for me too. Im at 34 wks now. But soon you'll see the bump. Faster than you'll expect.

First pregnancy shows a bit late. If second it’s faster cause your tummy got stretched before

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Bump shows up later for first pregnancy. But I'm sure it will show up soon. Dont worry.

Normally first pregnancy the bump come out ard 20weeks.. no worries


congrats on twins !! hope ur gynae checkup went well 💕

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It's normal my bb bump come out after like 6 months?

Thank you all beautiful mums for the reply