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?Mother to four so Happy ?

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Breast Issue's
Hi ladies I wined my son @the age of 1year & 9months but then we fall pregnant in that time and not lo g we had a miscarriage @13 weeks 06july2019 then we tried to convince again with tbe go ahead of
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Do consult your gynaecologist...
Hi all we have had a blighted ovum 06/07/19 We all recovered not saying we put it pass us but we kinda trying for another .. feeling so positive.. wish me luck anyone else trying could you CO
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Wishing you best of luck and stay positive!
hi all feeling a bit down
We have had a blighted ovum 06/July/2019 am so afraid i am trying to TTC i have no friends thats why i have joined this app just looking for mommy friends.. We on our TTW right now wish us al
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Hi Zaidah! Sorry to hear about that. We’re happy to journey with you through getting pregnant, being pregnant and being a mummy! Keep us updated ❤️
Blighted ovum Miscarriage ???
So ladies i have join this groups a while back and left but came back cause i keep getting updates .. so we had a blighted ovum july 2019 .. we were very sad.. 😭😭😭but we in the healing process
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Please cheer up. Do try for another baby in 2020 or 2021?
Hi did anyone have pink discharged after having sex should i be worried its my first time i have this pink discharged and how long will it carry on i did get a little hurt while having sex is it wire
So ladies i found out that i had a blighted ovum but we in the recovery process now husband wants to try again .. i left but came back cause i kept getting updates and just wanted to let you
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Hmm... could be some irritation. Would suggest that you consult your gynae..
You may want to check with your gynae