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Baby crying
Why does baby cry and they cry soo hard like their screaming, sometimes I don't know whats wrong with him..sometimes he also struggle when carrying him. His 2 weeks old.
Could it be colic if your baby is still young?
Usually it's either hungry, diaper wet or stomach ache. Could be baby wants a sense of security, likes to be swaddled. At times my baby will cry when she is unable or hasn't burp after milk, she wi
Which is better?
Natural Birth? Epidural? C-Sec? Which is better?
Natural with epidural
It depends on what your gynae suggest based on your pregnancy status
I insist on natural with epidural. My epidural doc did a good job without me feeling pain and my gynae managed to solve some complication during natural birth
natural! its heal faster and the safest
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Natural heals faster but sometimes, c-sect is needed.
Giving birth experience
Tell me your giving birth experience because this is my first tume giving birth and I'm curious about how different mom go thought labour.