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Mommies. My kid is having this rash on both his cheeks. Day by day, it gets redder, even scaly and when the dry skin fell off it bleeds.
I brought my 3 month old son to the doctor in hope for a solution. They gave me Clobetasone Butyrate, contained steroids which as instruct, to be applied as thin as possible to his cheeks. May I kno
Could it be eczema?
Mothers, how long does it take for your baby to adapt to bottlefed?
And please share some tips on how to bottle fed your 2 month old because i’m having troubles to have him get used to bottle feeding as I’m going to work soon.
1) Get A few teats closes to nipple design. Eg, Hegen. 2) Try once you are breast feeding, after 10 secs pull out and quickly put bottle in. 3) Let Husband or anyone feed him bottle feeding. Ba
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