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I'm 21 weeks 3 days pregnant but I dnt feel any movement of my baby this is my first pregnancy .....I'm worried about this
See ur gynecologist
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Some preggy will feel abit later. 20-24 weeks . 24-28 weeks definitely will feel stronger movements . Try lie down facing up for 30 mins in a quiet room or talk to baby often etc Suggest make an app
This is my first pregnancy I'm 19 weeks 4 days pregnant but I don't feel any movement of my baby... When I feel the movement
6th month
After 24 weeks
soon! first baby, will be around 5 months.
Me too. I dont feel any movement of my baby 😔
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Hey there:) first movements may be felt between 16 and 25 weeks, and usually it’s later for the first pregnancy. Hope you’ll feel them soon!!
I'm 19 weeks pregnant but sometime I don't feel anything in my womb ....... No heavyness nothing Plz suggest me why I feel like this
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The baby could be sleeping. Go for regular gynae checks and if gynae says it’s ok then not to worry
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Fr 4 mths on
I'm 18 weeks pregnant can I eat pomegranate?
What is triple marker test ? In how many weeks we can done this test .
Triple marker test should be done before 20 weeks and in this test doctors see the neurological matter of the baby I am experience because I an also do this triple marker test in October
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This test is performed between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy. It can deteCt certain potential defects, such as neural tube defects or failure of the fetus's abdomen to close.
At which month we can start eating dry fruits . I'm 17 weeks pregnant .
Eat in moderation
I'm 17 weeks pregnant some time I feel Im pregnant and sometime not is it okk ..... I dnt feel any movement of my baby
Fret not mummy. Just enjoy the pregnancy. All my 5 pregnancy different each for all. the youngest one was 25 weeks then i felt movement. The second child was 20 weeks. Earliest is my second son.
I'm 15 week pregnant I have very bad cold and cough what medicine can I take or any house hold remedy
U can have Honey and dry ginger powder mixed together, 1 spoonful before sleeping. Don't drink water after that.
Drink honey lemon warm water
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I am 12 weeks 4 days pregnant I am suffering from seviour constipation pls advice me something
Take gutclear syrup it helps mi i have samr problem
Cereal, cornflakes is also good..
Have plenty of water keep your self food rich in fiber it will help in reducing constipation.....
Drink coconut water & orange juice daily.its really work.
u can have a tsp of olive oil
stretch marks problem
When we start to use bio oil in pregnancy?
3-4 month as ur belly begins to grow.....
You can start using from 5th month
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U can start early as 1st trim.