i have a 5 year old son. yesterday, he and his 3rd cousin is playing. (i let them because i was busy breasfeeding my 1 yr old daughter). at first they were just coloring and drawing. then suddenly i hear no voices anymore. when my baby fell asleep, i stand up and check them if they are ok. and it shocked me because i saw his third cousin (also a 5 yr old boy) suckin my son's penis. i get mad. really. as in im shouting. i didnt expect that ey are going to do that. but im sure that my son is not the one who would agree to do that because he know its bad. now, i ashamed to play with my son anymore. because he might get confused. im also kissing his "pototoy". buth with his short on. and thats our "lambingan" time. any thoughts?

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One study theorized that this is a stage among children (children tend to compare their sexual organs etc.) But what you witnessed is beyond normal. He must have seen it somewhere (because kids do not listen to what adults say, they imitate what adults do). Talk to his parents about it. Also, I personally do not encourage you to kiss his penis at his age kahit pa lambingan sya. It would seem to him na normal lang ang ganung behaviour. Teach kids, regardless of sex, na it is not OKAY for anyone to touch their genitals except when you are going to wash it.

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3y ago

Agree po ako momsh na di dapat ikiss kahit na lambingan lang. Pamangkin ko nga 5yrs old pag nililiguan ko sya pinassbon ko sa private part nia. And at his age nahihiya din sya naexpose yun kahit ung pwet nia..

have you told your nephew's parents about this? because I think they need to know also that they're son is capable of doing such act. we can't always control what our kids see in media regarding sex. but we can always start the prevention at home. for me, I always tell my son no one can touch your "not-not" only me and daddy when we're giving you a bath. so, everytime his Lola ask to kiss his pototoy he will answer right away "No, Oma!" start talking to your son and explain things to him.its never too late to teach him how to say no when he thinks things are not right.

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5y ago

it's good to tell your cousins of what you saw. maybe they could check if the boy have seem them doing it or has saw it on a video they are watching. talk to your son also about not letting others to touch his private part. be careful of you and your husbands acts as your son may have seen you too. at 5, they already have understanding of what's happening or what they are seeing. we need to provide guidance and ready enough to answer questions no matter how awkward.

What did your son said to you then? You have to know the details on who insisted. Don't take this personal but we really dont know? Knowing that you are kissing your son's pototoy he might just insisted to your nephew to do that? I mean.. I think it's really inappropriate to kiss your son's pototoy no pants or with pants. He might do that to other kids too..

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I think your cousin (your nephew's parents) should know this so tat they will be aware. Also, try to track where did the boy learn it. Hope the boy can be corrected the soonest so he can't do it to anyone else too. It can be treated with proper guidance.

Oh my.. I've heard several stories like this. Cousin to cousin at a very young age, and it's usually the cause of confusion in gender preference according to most of my gay friends.

Talk to the parents of your nephew. If they feel they don't have plans of teaching their child what is wrong and not, better let your son avoid your nephew first.

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