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Contration on 34weeks

Js nak sharing je.. genap 34w sy pregnant, suddenly on 14/11/21 @4.15am tiba2 sy contraction.. sblm ni pon prnh jgak mild contraction or should i says false contraction.. sy cuba tahan, till 4.30am mmg tkleh nk tahan then terus gerak prgi hosp .. smpai dekat emergency department, sy terus ditolak ke maternity ward untk buat ctg for 30min .. based on ctg result contraction sy 1:10min .. my gynae says its was mild contraction and ask me either sy keje tak on 14/11 tu .. sy ckap pm duty (im staff from that hosp), then she dicide to give me mc to monitor the contraction, n gave me tab salbutamol to slow down the contraction.. i still have contraction actually but not severe like that morning .. then my gynae gave me iv dexa untk matangkan paru2 baby incase its truly my signed of labor .. Meds i got :- Iv dexa (untuk matangkan paru2 baby) Tab salbutamol (untk bantu slow kan contraction, if it was false contraction then after amik that meds contraction akan stop for a while till your baby matang) So today (15/11/21) was my appointment dgn my gynae .. dia scan baby semua .. dia ckap dgn berat baby, i was allow to deliver but since I’m already on tab salbutamol so she want to keep another 2weeks, at least bg ckup bulan .. ooo kat sini sy nk advised those yg bekerja, jgn terlalu lasak sgt, kdg2 akan trigger contraction jugak .. minta semua ibu, mama, umi, mami out there doakan sy .. agar sy dipermudahkan urusan untk bersalin nanti .. semoga sy n baby selamat n sihat walafiat, aamiin 🤍 P/s: another story on 14/11/21, husband n my cat pnya panic mmg tkleh bawak bncg lgsg .. kucing sy asyik mengekor je husband sy kehulur kehilir .. he even wait for us to come home .. maybe he was also nervous but at the same time excited to see his little baby sister 👶 Mami doakan baby sihat2 aja kt dalam ..

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Contration on 34weeks
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