I am feeling extremely tired and sleepy all the time and can't seem to stay awake for long hours. This is my week 30. Any mummies facing the same thing?

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It is normal to feel extremely tired during the first and last trimester. You can overcome pregnancy fatigue by increasing your energy levels naturally by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can start by following a satisfying and nutritious anti-inflammatory diet ( high in a variety of fruits and vegetables and as few processed foods as possible), avoid digesting carbohydrates, such as white bread, and staying well-hydrated. If possible, exercise even when you feel tired. Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking will make you feel better. You can try walking in outdoors. Try to get enough sleep, at least 8 hours daily. You should feel better.

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Yah! I noticed if I had white rice, I can fall asleep almost immediately. I have always been having more vegetables and fruits as its part of my diet and I stay away from processed food or sweets stuff. I go for walks regularly too, just these two weeks I felt a tremendous difference in my energy level. Thank you mummies!

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When i was pregnant with first child (under 30)..I dont feel the tiredness. When i was pregnant with second child at 35, I felt so low energy especially first trimester. Second and third trimester was okay, but just lots of backaches. Rest more mummy, this is the chance or excuse to rest. Hehe