2 Month Old Night Schedule

My 2 month old LO still wakes for feedings (breastfeeding) every 2.5-3 hours at night. And she only feeds for less than 10 minutes each time. Is that normal? I read that babies this age generally sleep in blocks of 4-5 hours at night. Anyone experienced the same thing?

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Depends on the baby. Not all babies can sleep 4-5 hours at 2months old. My lo slept 2 hr to 2.5 hr during 2months old. Hardly at 3 hr. Maybe you can try by slowly increase milk to lo stomach capacity, Or play with lo in the noon, make lo more tired. Night time maybe can sleep longer. Can try n observe. Not sure whether it works for you lo.

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It depends on individual babies. My 10 months plus still wakes for 1-3 times for night feeds ... :)