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excited for baby!

Got stuff from lazada's recent baby fair. I i had to stop myself from spending too much! Ganito pala if you are buying for baby, mahirap mag control. Since bed rest ako, online shopping lang ako. Si hubby naman nag shopping sa mall for newborn basics, naoverwhelm, hirap daw magpigil kasi sobrang daming choices. Pero dapat practical, we just got a few pieces, kasi ok na ok na kami sa hand-me-downs from friends. Will wait for baby to come out muna and buy the necessities when we deem it extremely necessary na. Lucky that my bestfriend was able to keep a lot of cloth diapers, sterilizer, breast pump, high chair, ring sling(na i gifted her pa for her first born), etc. My mum also sent stuff from Ross(my fave discount store in the US) na hinihintay pa namin dumating. We're grateful to be blessed with people who love us and the baby in my tummy. Kasi since 2nd month ko, dami namin meds-- from duphaston, duvadilan, heragest(oral and vaginal pa!), betamethasone, 2 kinds of insulin, plus the yayamaning cerclage procedure pa-- wala kami masyadong matabi for when baby comes out. Also, baby might come out at 35 weeks kasi i have contractions almost everyday since 20 weeks ako. 32 weeks and 6 days na ako today. Sobrang hirap ng pregnancy journey ko, but i know it'll be worth it when my million dollar baby comes out. April 18 pa EDD ko, but baka March 14, we can expect my baby to come na. To all the moms out there na hirap sa pregnancy nila, hindi kayo nag iisa. Prayer and positive thinking lang. Iyak nyo lang pag mahirap, tapos chin up ulit. ❤️❤️

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excited for baby!
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