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TV: Why kids should code?


Is formal education preparing kids for the jobs of the future? What sort of jobs will exist in 2036? In this Ask The Expert session, John Tan shares how he has seen children use technology as a powerful tool to create useful projects for multiple purposes. Teaching kids to create through technology from a young age is actually a wonderful opportunity to instill in them positive values on how they can and should use tech. John is an active angel investor in the startup scene and the CEO of Saturday Kids, a digital literacy school for kids. He has 4 kids between the ages of 0 and 5. The two older ones are already learning programming through board games and coding puzzle apps. They are way smarter than John was when he was the same age.
Case study for anything it does matter for anyone who can try in their life to protect for the purposes of life though, but you can still try in favor of thinking creative to can help you in this matter to solve about anything which do matter for you. if there is something that you can do about the same so start thinking out of the box which will matter to you for anything
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