KKH GYNAE - Dr Angeline Chua

Hi, anyone has experience with Dr Angeline Chua from KKH? Would like to know your experiences. Thank you.

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Hi mommy. I had my 2nd born delivered in KKH too. My Obgyn was Jessie Phoon though. Perhaps you can check for your Dr's credentials here: https://www.kkh.com.sg/patient-care/Pages/FindDoctor.aspx#abdomen Sorry, I'm not much of a help but im sure you are in good hands. Enjoy your pregnancy journey.😘

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She’s quite experienced and is a consultant, so she’s a little more busy than the other doctors at KKH. Her price is also a little more expensive at $147 for first appointment and $110 for subsequent appointments

11mo ago

Hey, hows your consultation with her? I just made an appointment to see her for my pregnancy. Mind sharing?

Dr Angeline is very gentle & understanding. She knew my condition and did not advise me against c-sect. Delivered my LO in May 23. Wound and everything ok.

Hi my gynae is Dr Angeline Chua too. How’s your experience with her?

Hi me too now my gynae doctor with her, how many months are you?