34 weeks

34 weeks preggy and having frrequent discharge. Is it normal?

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Yes normal. My 3rd trimester discharge was more than my 1st and 2nd tri. I was wearing panty liner throughout my pregnancy.

I've had yellow discharge, it's thick, not so much, no weird smell and no itch. Havent told my gynae yet but we should do

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Not my case for both pregnancies. I guess it differs for every individual. Best to let your gynae know.

2y ago

Tq! Will let her know this monday

for me is i almost everyday have discharge during my pregnancy.

Usually my gynae will do a smear test for me to see if there’s any infection

Yes very normal. My gynae say it’s very normal unless if it starts to itch.

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Yes it’s normal unless has different color (green) and very itchy..

I did a test. just got report, it says negative. 😍

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Yes normal