Splitting the bill?

In this new age, how many of you help with the bills, from gynae visits to delivery fees and hospital bill. Do you all have another account to allocate $ to that account so that you can use that account for baby related expenses.

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We have a separate acct for family-related expenses which we contribute to every month. I'm not comfortable with just leaving it to my hubby on the expenses even though he cld well afford it. We use it not just to buy consumables but to pay baby insurance and endowment fund. Anw it's definitely easier to track expenses this way while still keeping our personal accts for own expenses. It also gives me the assurance tt we hve enough for our family including for emergency. Talk to ur hubby abt hw he wld like to manage ur finances. No one way is better than the other as it depends on each couple's situation and preference.

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12mo ago

I love this answer. it's so true. just not comfortable leaving it all to hubby even if he afford it.

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I paid most of the checkup fees. My hubby paid all the costs incurred for the delivery. For the daily consumables at home, I volunteered to take care of them as I get paid more. But I am sure that if I send an SOS to my hub, he will always be ready and willing. 😁 We don’t have a joint account.

hospital bills, tonics by hub. Big items bb stuff like cot, pram and insurance, cordblood banking share. bb clothes by me or we use vouchers or credit card rebates to buy for small items. oh 1st bb got confinement nanny so I pay but hub pay for the food. and I paid for own post natal masaage

if ur husband can afford then no need to split, if husband cannot afford then its inevitable to split.. if u have a household acct then perhaps add into that account.

yes dear, it's always advisable to save money for baby related expenses, instead of another account, I just put aside some money and put that in Savings

I only handle insurance for baby, everything relating to children my husband pays. From way back in the tummy to now a toddler.


we didn't split the bill. my hub told me that it's only fair for him to paid it all as I go through the hardship myself.

Husband paid for all medical expenses while I was in charge of purchasing baby related items.

We have a separate joint savings for these.

we have a joint account for this