5 weeks and 6 days No heartbeat yet

Worried sick. πŸ˜” This is my 3rd pregnancy. 1st - stillbirth 2nd - missed miscarriage In the 2nd picture was my diagnosis result of my ultrasound last December 17. The first pregnancy symptoms i felt was hip and back ache and sore breast only. And now, i can't feel any pregnancy symptoms. πŸ˜” Hoping for miracle. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

5 weeks and 6 days No heartbeat yet
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ganan din po yung sa kaibigan ko wla pa daw heart beat mga 5 weeks yung kanya kaya pina ulit sya nung mag 7weeks to 8 weeks ..ako naman 8weeks ako nag pa ultrasound kase sabi ng OB ko para sure daw na may heartbeat na at kitang kita na.. baka daw kase ulitin lang kase 6 weeks pa lang baby ko noon..Pray lang Mommy 😊❀

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2y ago

Thank you so much mommy. ❀️ Balik po ako sa January for another ultrasound. Praying and hoping for miracle. πŸ™