Night feeding for toddler

Just wondering, at what age or month did you stop feeding milk at night? My baby is almost 2 years and he still drinks milk at night every 2 hours. If I didn't feed any milk past the 2 hours, my wife will become a devil and scold me upside down. I need some advice here.

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Below 6mo,I give If baby wake up at night. If above 1yo, I will not give . Drinking milk at night will cause tooth decay. And also, they don’t need the extra calories in the middle of the night already. If you keep waking baby up to drink at night, you are disrupting the sleep. If ur baby keep waking at night, it is habitual, not because the baby is hungry. So you may need to talk to ur wife

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Can’t rmb for #1 but was less than 6mth. #2 was even earlier. She could sttn during the first month but confinement lady prefer to feed. So after she left, I kind of let her sttn already.


my newborn only wake up once at around 3am, won't purposely wake her up for milk will only give milk to my 2years old boy if he asks sleeping is important for their growth

unless your child requires such regular feeding else can drag out the timing. even my 1mth old is not drinking as frequent as yours at night. she's on total breast milk.

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Generally we stop night feeding when baby can sleep through the night. Around 6 months or so? Usually by 12 months. Last feed right before bedtime.

Mine sleep thru the night around 7 months, no more 2 hours feed. How much do you feed your child? Every 2 hours is newborn leh haha

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3oz per feed at night, normally it's 3oz or 4oz in the day