Just wondering....is it normal to feel warmer in temperature during pregnancy?Not having fever but body and tummy is warm. just concern if baby will b ok? can I say...as long as I'm not having fever myself,even if I feel slightly warmer...baby wun b affected?

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hai, mom of four here. expecting our 5th bundle of joy 🙂its normal to feel warmer. badan sedang adjust untuk membesarkan bayi . nanti dah semakin lama, mungkin mummies akan rasa suhu dlm rumah lebih panas dari orang lain. Kalau pengalaman saya,perlukan kipas meja extra khas untuk saya saja okeh selain kipas siling😆sebab kami tiada aircond dulu. ada masa saya akan rasa suasana lebih sejuk dari orang lain.. cuma untuk hati2 ,boleh cek kalau2 suhu badan rasa panas tak turun2, rasa letih sangat dan tak selesa atau menggigil, mungkin demam.

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Hi mommies.im 8 weeks pregrant. This is my 2nd baby. By the way, I've spotted a light brown discharge on my panty liner past 3 days on and off. Very very light. No smell. No any pain or other symptoms. Is that common or do I need to consult doctor. Pls advise. Thank you

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Hi everyone. I'm the one who posted this. I'm now 13 weeks. Now shifted into second trimester. I'm fine and my baby too fine. Thanks for the comments


Hi Mommy, yes it's actually normal. This extra blood flow during pregnancy increases body metabolism by about 20%, creating more heat and making pregnant women less likely to feel cold. A pregnant woman's core body temperature will often rise to about 37.8°C, when it is normally 37°C.

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tks...really appreciate ur info! :)


I'm at 36 weeks now and I constantly need to have a fan on me, sometimes my husband is freezing and when I tell him I'm overheating he looks at me like I'm insane... My doctor explained that I'm basically carrying around a 3kg heater


It's normal and common to feel warm/hot. Don't need to worry. Pregnant woman's temperature will be higher, due to hormones. Just make sure that you drink plenty of water. Enjoy your journey :)


Me too. I think i got fever, im so afraid. And wait if worst i want to go to clinic. Luckily many moms here same as me. First baby, think too much 😢

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Yes it’s normal. I also feel more thirsty during pregnancy. Need to consume more water as it’s also needed to sustain healthy level of amniotic fluid for baby development too.


Yes my body gets warm especially at night makes me distracted and difficult to sleep. Just like a bun making in the oven 🤭


I I thought that is not normal. Last night my husband ask me to check with doctor. Becoz he said that my tummy and body was very hottt. Hehehe. So its normal right. Tq all


Me to..feel so hot during day and night..sometimes feel very uncomfortable..hopefully the baby is ok and healthy inside