biochemical/chemical pregnancy

Am wondering if anyone had this before? Did you have the signs of pregnancy such as nausea, sore breast etc when you knew you were pregnant? And those signs just went away when you started bleeding and diagnosed with chemical pregnancy? The bleeding, is it considered as miscarriage?

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My partner suspected i was pregnant even at 1 week because of all the mood swing. I had swollen breast and food adversion for the first trimester In the second month, i started bleeding and kept rushing to the A&E. They just told me there was some spotting and that the baby’s fine. It took me many trips to finally get some medicine for the bleeding (i was 15 weeks). If the hospital don’t do anything, take a picture of the amount of blood. They wanted to let me go home empty handed until i showed them the dustbin with all the bloodied tissues. Only then did they prescribe me with medication. My friends are luckier though. They got medication even in their 2nd month to help the bleeding

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