35 Weeks Pregnant and asking for HL

Hi, just wondering if we are allowed to ask our doctor for Hospitalisation Leave (HL) 2 weeks leading to our EDD? Due to stress with work and coping with anxiety?

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I'm a subsidised patient at NUH, tried asking at week 31, but was only given 1 day of HL (on appt date), then i was admitted due to preterm labour contractions at 33 weeks & 35 weeks, was given 9 days (upon discharge) + 12 days (during follow up checkup) + 10 days of HL (second admission).

depends on gynae but no harm trying mummies. just say that u are more tired nowadays and its getting harder to cope since the dates are ard the corner. may allah ease all smoothly for you. :)

Tried a few times during my pregnancy. But all of the gynaes didn’t allowed. And they would give you HL if you arent hospitalise.

Depends on your gynae. Some are more understanding. My gynae don’t give when I requested at week 37. Private hospital btw

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mine private also that time can't get. this time try nuh also can't. so no point

I only get 5 days.. reason becoz gynae say no complications no gdm.. all good so just stay relax..

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really depends on gynae. most will only give when u have a medical condition..

Unless hospitalised; I think it’s the similar approach for most

I think it depends on the gynae.. you can try asking