Hospitalisation Leave(HL)

Hi all. My edd is early april and i plan to ask for HL 1 or 2 weeks bf to rest. I plan to ask for this in jan or feb. Is that too early to ask? Can a gynae give u HL in advance? I have some AL to clear and thought of combining them with HL so that i can have more weeks of rest bf baby comes out.#pregnancy #firstbaby

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Easier to get HL if yours is a private gynae and if u have some kind of health condition. My friend cldn't get any HL frm her gynae in NUH despite paying private fees. She didn't have any health condition though. For me, I managed to get a month of HL partly due to my asthma which worsens cz of my job as a lower pri teacher. Btw my gynae has his own private practice. Even so, he didn't give me 1 month at once but 2 weeks first and extended at the next appt. Doctors now are more cautious in issuing HL without hospitalisation (bed rest). Do note tt doctors don't give advance HL. You can bring up the topic in the 3rd tri and tell him how u're getting more breathless and the fatigue is affecting ur work. Gynae will of course ask abt ur work environment and leave policies. I heard frm a friend tt if ur job allows u to take A/L, doc will advise u to take it first as HL is like a last resort.

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If it is government hospital, I don't think they will provide u HL when u are ok in all test, and if private, I think they have a limit of HL given because they are private clinic, can try in private hospital. Me and My friend talk about this before also, nobody get the HL even we requested especially before give birth. But u can actually choose to start your maternity leave earlier before give birth, this is the only solutions if you want to rest early. U can try your luck.

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i understand from my friends govt hospital dont give unless u got serious condition. I was under private gynae with his own clinic. I was given 2 + 2 weeks hl in first tri for both preg. then for my 1st preg, I was given another 1 week hl at week 36 and match with my annual leave at week 37 plus then I pop at week 38... 2nd preg no chance to ask for hl coz I went into labour at week 35. my gynae is more than happy to give me mc for every check up

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I might be wrong but I don't think you'll be given any HL if you're all okay and 2-3 mths early from edd. Maybe can start your ML early instead.

Most private gynae are able to give HL. For me, I had a verbal agreement w my gynae at around week 32 that I will start my HL at week 36.

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Hi May I know which hospital were you from?