Who takes care of your child the best?
Who takes care of your child the best?
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Me hahahaha 100% lol for the 1st 2months, dahil CS ako, i got help from my mom and sisters. And my mom being a nurse, gusto nya alagaan ako after birth. Then yun, roughly 3months ako na lang talaga since kami na lang ni hubby sa bahay. And MAAAN! Ang hirap pala haha to be totally honest, mas madali pa buhay ko nung nagwork ako ng 3weeks before deciding to completely resign haha BUT it's all worth it!!!!

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my spouse, me, helper, close friends... takes a village as the saying goes

Different people have different role to play. Best is all work hand-in-hand.

Most cases only Mother can take care of child the best ..

It bcuz there is only me and my husby so it were be me!

i think both me and my husband are both equally good

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It depends.. playtime with my boy - is my husband.

Mummy knows best and it's always mummy instinct

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me, I gave up my job to take care of him

Me. (Mummy knows best I suppose 😂)