Who do you love more?
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My spouse
My kids
My pet
Equally but different

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I love my kids very very much, and I love my husband too very very much. I chise my husband because my children will grow and have their own familys too , and by that time its only me and my husband again. They say, we only barrow our kids, because in time we have to let them go... but our spouse, we have them until the end. ❤️

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Equally. Iba kasi ang love for the kids sa love for the husband (we don't have pets kaya walang love for pets, hehe). Love for my kids is the more caring love kasi they are more "fragile". My husband, aside from the romantic kind of love, ibang klaseng commitment.

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I love my husband, kids and pets differently. But not more or less in any way. All of them are previous and an important part of my life and have a crucial role in their own lovely way.

i cant say more. i love all equally but it's a different kind of love.

totally my spouse and my kids! i love em both more.💓

of course my spouse and my kid..love both of them

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God first, then spouse next are the kids. 😍

I'm sweeter torwards my baby.

My kids then myself

Pwede ba myself :)