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At which week did you all bought or prepare baby items for First Time Mom? Just curious..afraid im too early at 33weeks...

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I start buying at 2nd trimester and start off with big items month by month because during 1st trimester is normally uncomfortable and tired. 2nd trimester is normally the “holiday” period so more energy to do shopping, price, quality comparing etc. When near to end of 2nd trimester I will round up my shopping with all the small items. As I get heavier the energy level drop so best is concentrate on rest. Final trimester (early part) I will do my final checklist. It’s best to start early so if u missed out anything u still have time to top it up.

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started shopping for bb cot, pram, clothes at 2nd tri. start washing clothes towels, handkerchief, mitten, socks, swaddle 1 mth before edd. diapers stockup 2 to 3 packets few weeks b4 edd. set up cot at week 36 n I pop in week 38. 2nd bb only bought one romper n some towels in 2nd tri. diapers last tri. pop at week 35.5. its good to prepare earlier as u don't know when u will pop n also u will b too tired to move towards the end

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Can start buying already. Your EDD is just an estimated date & baby may not pop out exactly on that day. You're 4 weeks to full term so better prepare all things ready now & your hospital bag. All the best! 😊

I remember being excited for my first born and start shopping after the gender reveal. Cant help ah, all so cute! Hehe


I started to slowly buying bit by bit from 32 weeks onwards