Which website or Facebook page can I go to buy good but cheap stationery for children's birthday party goodie bags? I knew of one previously which had lots of stickers, stamps, markers, colour pencils etc to choose from but I forgot to bookmark it :(

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I bought my boys' goodies bags stuff from taobao or rather ezbuy. they have many selections & choices to choose from. price is very affordable especially if u need to buy in huge qty.

8y ago

I intend to buy a very small quantity cos it's just for my child's class. Will check out ezbuy but I'm hoping to buy from a local website too to save the hassle of worrying about overseas shipping

You could try Carousell. There are many sellers selling themed goodie bags and goodie bag items. Not too expensive too

Taobao has them at v cheap rate! Can ask the seller for discount if u buying in bulk

8y ago

Just buying a very small quantity but thanks for the suggestion :)

taobao is cheap.. but sometimes the quality is no good

8y ago

Yup that's my concern too besides the language barrier

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Why not buy from Taobao?

8y ago

Language barrier is an issue for me and I don't want to pay for overseas shipping! Thanks for the suggestion :)