Win An Elly Milley Baby Essentials Goodie Bag!

Be one of the 5 lucky winners who will win Elly Milley Baby Essentials Goodie Bag worth more than $110 each! 1. Comment below which colour Elly Milley Swaddle Sleeping Bag you'd like to win! 2. Go to the official contest page, read the mechanics and follow the instructions

Win An Elly Milley Baby Essentials Goodie Bag!
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I hope to win the minty green swaddle sleeping bag for my baby boy! I like how the swaddle is designed specially to suit Singapore's humid weather and helps to regulate the baby's temperature without me worrying whether it is too hot/cold for the baby. I also like that it has a 2 way zipper that allows me to change my baby's diaper at night without disturbing his sleep as we all know how difficult it is to put baby to sleep 😴. Lastly, I really enjoy using swaddle with zippers as I am a first time mum and I don't know how to swaddle the baby with a Muslim cloth.

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I hope to win vanilla cream for my baby as we really like the neutral colour of the swaddle. As a first time dad, I am quite apprehensive and clumsy when it comes to swaddling my baby. The 2 way zipper will save me a lot of hassle when I swaddle my baby to sleep. It will also allow me to change my baby’s diaper easily at night without disturbing my baby and my wife. I also appreciate the swaddle’s ability to regulate the temperature because I am really not sure whether the baby is warm or cold and this will take a huge load off my shoulders.

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Vanilla Cream for the earthy neutral tone I'm recently obsessed with! Hope to win this sleeping bag because I've witnessed how having one can help improve a baby's sleep quality- something we didn't do as well for #1 and would definitely like to work on improving come #2

I hope to win this as this is my first babyboy. I want to give him everything the best I could. I would love to win the minty green swaddle sleeping bag for him. As I am a first time mum, there's alot for me to learn about taking good care of my baby boy

Hoping to win the vanilla cream as I love how gender neutral it is! I heard from other mums that swaddles are really useful to let baby have better sleep quality, which is absolutely helpful for a first time mum like me!

Minty green for my newborn baby boy! 👶🏻🤍 he sleeps well in a swaddle sleeping bag & we would like to try Elly Milley's! We chose minty green as this colour signifies growth, wellness & strength!

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Definitely like a sweet cotton candle pink if possible to win, otherwise any colour will do as the swaddle will be a cool item to own for the comfort n ease ;) followed as @xemTeresa

I would love to win the Minty green Elly Milley Swaddle Sleeping Bag for my baby. I have not known the gender yet but Minty Green would be perfect for either both!

I hope to win the vanilla cream swaddle sleeping bag for my coming little boy.. Never tried before on my first child, so this would be the chance!

I love the cotton pink candy!!! LOOKS SOOO CUTE 🥰 Personally i love cotton candy and i want my child to be wearing such cute swaddle!