Which formula will most mummies and daddies give to your LO ? Any review on S26 ?

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Have no tried S26 before. Both my kids drink Friso from day 1, so far so good, they do not have any constipation issue. You may request for free sample .https://shop.friso.com.sg/english/sampleproduct/sampleproduct/view/1?utm_expid=.upT65tJBS3G4pFstZf7vTg.1&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fshop.friso.com.sg%2Fenglish%2Ffriso-gold-3%2Ffriso-gold-3-1800g.html

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My LO try s26 and give him constipation problem. Thus now I stick to friso as it yet to give him problem and it maintain his growth %. I suggest you can try apply their sample to try before you committed to that certain brand

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My baby has tried formula 3 times - and for 1 feed each time - so hard to give you a really good answer. My first choice was Bellamy as it is organic. The other two I went for was Dumex and Nestle nan

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Hi i stumbled upon this, i am giving ballamy too cos it is organic but is a little concerned over the lack of DHA. Did you consider this as well when you gave Ballamy? Cos of the lack of DHA i am now thinking of giving other brands like S 26.

S26 seems alright for my 4 mo baby. Can buy one tin to try. We started him on NAN but his poop was very green and very smelly then switched to S26. So far no issues.

Hi~i did not try S26 before. Both my kids on friso and drinking well. U can ask for samples from friso to let ur LO try out before deciding to purchase big tins.

Hi.. My lo tried S26 ..somehow dislike it. Then I switch to Snow. He is taking for about two years already. No issue when given Snow to my lo.

i did try S26 before . ( thise sample pack . but my boys just dun really like the taste . they prefer friso . even till now

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I gave S26 before. I felt that it's too thick and heaty for them. So i switched to NAN.

s26 was heaty for my kids. i switched to fresh milk or fresh goats milk.

we live Firso