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Which diaper brand is the best?

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Been using Huggies tape till L became too small for LO at 14 months old (leaks). Trying out pampers pants XL now, still feels small as LO's butt cheek peeks out, but so far able to hold quite a bit of fluid and no leaks.

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Depends on your baby also. Some babies better suited for some brand, while other babies are better suited for other brands. So far, Merries is the best for us

My LO used peekapoo. I dont think there is any best brand, just depends on your preference as well as how LO's skin reacts towards the diaper.

Can’t say which is the best for sure but according to many friends they say Merries is. And is very comfortable for baby

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No best brand. Depends on what suits your baby. Personally prefer pampers premium and mamy poko

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Cheapest n better is petpet .. if u go for little higher price means Huggies n mamypoko

Used to be Merries and Peekapoo. Now Offspring and Huggies Platinum.

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I prefer merries as they are big and can sustain poonami episodes

No best brand. But we use drypers most of the time.

Personally, Merries, have been using since newborn