full cream milk vs formula milk

Which is better for 1 year old... Full cream milk or stage 3 formula milk?

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Hi mama, I realise this can be really tough as there’re so many kinds of milk to choose from. Any PD will recommend fresh milk from the age of 1 (unless your child is lactose intolerant or has allergies) and I really believe the choice between fresh milk, UHT milk and formula milk is about practicality and economies of scale. In tough times such as these, I personally feel that providing all 3 of my children with formula will be crazy expensive as they consume high amounts of milk :) we can get through at least 5L a week! So I’ve opted for fresh milk. I picked this for other reasons as well, one most important one being that they’ve grown to love dairy too which is a great source of protein and calcium. Of course since there’s no DHA there or OMEGA3 I ensure they have a good balanced diet - oily fish like salmon, cod, lots of green leafy veggies, proteins like lean beef and pork, of course chicken…I try to have our children eat a rainbow. My belief is that by doing so, they learn to appreciate the nutrition in natural food sources and that they don’t learn to substitute right away with other things. Oh and when we travel, they’re good with ANY glass of milk - which saves so much hassle ;) But like I said, this is just one perspective. Whatever you give your child is best for your little one coz you are doing you!!! Make a decision for your family that’s best for all of you. Hope this helps!

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2y ago

Thank you so much for your reply. I am trying to get my little boy to drink fresh milk. But for now he loves his Dutch Lady Full Cream milk...

I gave my son marigold full cream milk when he turns 1 and is about to go infant care. Before that was exclusively breast milk. He never had formula milk before. As long as he has a balanced diet, he dont need the extra supplement from formula milk. If you’re worried about the lack of DhA, can feed him fish oil for kids after 1yo, or let him eat more fish. It all depends on you & your husband on what you think is best for your child.

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HPB recommends full cream. But formula milk has all the added ingredients like DHA etc etc. I think can suggest a mixture? Weekends full cream? Weekday formula?

I dont suggest fresh milk or full cream milk, these are only able to give when baby is 2 years old. I would recommend to give formula milk instead

Can start on fresh milk already. 1 yr old should get all the nutrients from the food your toddler eats.

If the meals you give is a well balanced meal , u can go for full cream milk. If not, formula

hmmm I still giving formula milk as my pd told me to give fresh milk after 2 years old

I still give formula, only give fresh milk when we are out

I still give formula milk for all the added nutrients

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I give more formula