Maternity insurance

Which agent did u bought from n how much did u paid?

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Mine from AIA. Can transfer to baby as Life Plan after baby is born. I’m 33 this year so mine was $108.73 for a coverage of $5k. And about $43k+ for TPD, Death. Age also plays a part so get it ASAP. To be honest, maternity insurance is not necessary but hospital plan for yourself is. Maternity insurance covers complications DURING pregnancy, not after. So if you developed anything post-pregnancy, it doesn’t cover. Cause I developed pre-eclampsia post-pregnancy and was not covered otherwise I would have gotten a cheque. But my hospital plan covered for my hospital stay (6 days = $900) and pre-pregnancy appts (total = $1k+) so I got both amounts in cheque. Pre-pregnancy appts can be reimbursed back to your Medisave up to $900 just that I’m not sure why mine was returned in cheque. Maybe cause my insurance got the bills covered. My AIA agent really took care of me. My total bill size in hospital (B2 ward) after delivery was $11k+ and I did not fork out a single cent at all. I’m sure other insurance companies can do the same as well, depends on your budget and preference. 😊

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Mine was from Manulife, $300+ lump sum 3yrs coverage, and covers for phototherapy due to Jaundice. Can convert to life plan after birth 😄 but hospital plan is the most important, do go for that first if budget is a constraint!

I got mine from prudential and I can refer you to my agent, 90plus per month and can continue after baby Born Quite good

AIA. mine + baby 101 after 1 yr ur policy xfer to baby. i can refer u if u want

my husband is from prudential. so he took it up for me. i cn refer you. 😊


I got mine from AIA if I rmb correctly it was 3k plus

I got mine from prudential. 85 dollars per month

Prudential. 100++. Can continue after baby born

ntuc income. paid close to 900

I tink age also play a part