Where should i take my baby for vaccines? Regular GP, PD or specialist?

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Singaporean baby are entitled free to most compulsory vaccination. Sharing with you our consideration criteria and the cost for the first 6 months. My LO arrived early before maturity term, BCG and Hep B 1st Dose are administered during NICU. This is chargeable but charged to Medisave. As our LO needed to have frequent follow up with the PD in hospital, and for ease of convenience in managing our LO's health and the vaccination, and also the time additional needed to travel to Polyclinic, we decided in taking up the vaccination package with the hospital. This saves us the managing of our LO schedule and travelling time. For the cost, our 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 (including Hep B Doses 2 & 3) vaccinations are charged at $220, and Pneumococcal vaccination is charged at $95, these total cost are charged to Medisave. For Rotavirus which is an optional vaccination, we have selected rotoTEQ which is to be administered orally 3 times, each vaccine is $50.66, which is paid in cash. As such, the cost is manageable and we are compensated with more rest time between checkup and vaccination at the hospital compared to additional trip to polyclinic. Everyone is in different situation and there maybe other factors to select where to have vaccination for our LO.

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All my kids had their vaccinations at Polyclinic. The reasons include: 1. Location is convenient as the polyclinic is just within the neighboorhood. 2. Fees is definitely cheaper than having jabs at PD's clinic and some vaccinations are fully subsidized for citizens. 3. Waiting time is quite short if you have made appointment and reach clinic on time. 4. There will be major assessments carried out in polyclinic to check on baby's milestones at 12 months and 18 months eg. speech development etc. If you have any concern, polyclinic will get a you referred to hospitals for further check.

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I'd say polyclinic! Some of my friends go to a PD and each visit costs about $200. My fees at the polyclinic is only about $18 per visit and sometimes I don't have to pay at all. Certain vaccines are also medisave payable. Why not. Waiting time for babies are also cut short as well. We're in a different queue system from the regular patients.

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Mostly vaccines for newborn is covered free at polyclinic for singaporeans, even jaundice checks is also nt more then $20 for foreigners. If u made an appt at polyclinic, u can finish everything including consultation in an hour. I only consult GP for vaccinations that polyclinic dont covers.

I'd agree with Stephanie! Most of the vaccines are medisave claimable/heavily subsidized/free at polyclinics and waiting time is relatively short even during "peak" hours. I rather not pay for anything if it's going to make my baby cry lol.

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Singapore citizen babies are entitled to free compulsory vaccines at polyclinics. The waiting time is not long if you stick to your appointment time. https://www.nhgp.com.sg/Our_Services/General_Medical_Services/Child_Health_Services/

Definitely Polyclinic. Why waste money unnecessarily when it is free of charge for Singaporeans? Also, at Outram Polyclinic, I am in and out in like 30 mins

polyclinic! waiting time is not long as you have to book appointment. and it's basically free except for some vaccines.

Are you a Singaporean? If yes, definitely go for vaccine at the Polyclinic. It's free!

If I were to go to the pd, can the vaccines be paid via medisave?