Where can I get mosquito repellent patch which are suitable for newborn? My LO is 5 weeks old.

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Mosquito repellent patch - I use tiger balm brand but I heard it's sold out at quite a lot of places (I always have such patches in my house as I use them on a regular basis). Ytday at cold storage tampiness still have. There is this other product that u might want to check it out. It's used by running man on the show and I saw quite a number of pple using it when I was in Korea. U can get from gmarket - Bikit guard - a lot of sellers selling it. Can last till 1-2 months. If can't find I suggest just spray mosquito Or insect repellent on clothes or items near the baby

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I used to tiger brand patch but my girls still continue to get bitten when we go outdoor. Then, my GP tell me to use apply on type with DEET instead of the patch. Only those with DEET then can effectively prevent bites from dengue and zika mosquitoes. This brand is certified safe for babies and I bought from clinic.

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Get those with DEET or Picaridin content lower than 20%. Its safe for pregnant lady and babies to use. Recommended to use mosquito spray on clothes instead of skin. What i always do is to spray on clothes swing abit and wear the clothes for them. When i need to re apply when im out. I spray from a distance away

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Apply Minyak Telon Herbal Plus works effectively on my baby. while everyone else gets mosquito bites, she doesnt at all. For at least the first 6 mths of her life. Am not sure where to get it because I always received as a gift. Can try Jamu shops or Mustaffa perhaps. Best to ask around.

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Stick the patch on the clothes, not on the skin.. I use the tiger balm one.. Or u can spray off on the clothes.. "Off" is a brand..

Many places are sold out but I saw online at pupsikstudio and agapebabies they still have it available.

You can try this method too but remember to use those vicks which are meant for babies and toddlers

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There is this Moz Away all natural water based spray that you could get from guardian

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Agree wth the above. Bikit is a good choice. Safe for babies to use also

I would get those mosquito repellent badge button from Lazada