When should I put my child in preschool? 18 months, 2 years old or 3 years old?

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I send my son to kindergarten just one month, now he is nursery group coming four years old, early or late nevermind must see you are working mum or housewife.If you are housewife after three years old start to school better, because you can teach and let him know for the normal life time knowledge, also you can know what he like to do, too early go to school when came back you want ask today teach what, eat what and play what also no answer! If you working mum just send CC is better will take care better!

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Does not really matter. Timing is personal to each parent. Whether your child is enrolled for preschool at 18 months or three years, the important thing is to ensure that the time you do spend with him is positive, joyful and meaningful for both of you

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18 months

2 years.

You can start at 18months

Can start at 18 months if there’s no one to take care of your child. There’s no best time. Depends on your needs.

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Preferably 2 years old at best when ur child immunity system is stronger and u still have family member to help take care for the period before he goes to childcare. 3 years old is abit too long as he may lose out quite a lot in academic development and interaction skills with others by then.

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Whenever you and your child are ready. Irregardless of the age you listed above, the children will fall sick a lot during their first few months in school. Thats a challenging period that you'll have to endure because it happens to all of us. School is a good place for interaction and making friends.

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I hv started my boy turns 2yrs ..

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It really depends on you. But if can put later, it will be better cause go school means chances of falling sick is higher too.