Hi.. When you send your child to attend Nursery 1, does the school provide school bus? If not, will you allow your helper to bring and fetch your child via public transport?

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Most private schools might not have buses. But yes, if I have a maid, budget her bring him home..

My kid is in Nursery. Some of her classmates go home by school bus. Personally, I don't let my helper fetch my daughter. I always bring her to and from school

I think it really depends on the comfort level n relationship between you n your helper. If you have a responsible and reliable helper who has been with you for years why not. That being said i would rather put my kid in the school bus. On the whole i do nor like the idea of my helper going out.

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My helper fetches my son in PG by public bus. At first I worried like hell but that was the best option because I was heavily pregnant and she was definitely more fit than me. Now it has been about 1 year and no issue so far. The school bus is crazy expensive and they have fixed timing to pick and send the children. They send children home pretty early at around 5pm when I'm not even home yet, so it does not meet my needs.

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My niece attends nursery which provides a school bus. She is at Totsville Montessori School but the school bus fees is exorbitant due to the small supply of students taking school bus in nursery. The distance is less than ten mins but the bus fees is $150. I will not allow my helper to bring my kids to school on public transport like bus but if in taxi I think it is ok. Maybe you can ask if any of the other kids in the school can car pool? Maybe one of the other kids parents or grandparents can follow along in the taxi with your helper to help lookout. School bus will be better because there is an Aunty to look over the kids

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