When you're not planning to have baby no.2 yet, do you use contraceptives? If not, what's best way to get rid of getting pregnant again the natural way mums?

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There are methods like withdrawal, having intercourse on safe days but even these are not 100% reliable. Using contraceptive ensures foolproof contraception and tension-free days.

We have never used contraceptives. I know that may sound crazy, but this is how it was and still is. We have always rested to withdraw al method. He always ejaculate outside me, and luckily it has always been on our side. But, yes, it is quite an unsafe way of contraception. You can use condom at best because in other contraceptive methods to be used by women contain chemicals that may cause irritability.

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My ob recommended the injectable contraceptive. And true enough its way better for me compared to pills and other forms of contraceptive.

2y ago

how much did it cost you?

There is withdrawal method. But some husband may dislike the idea , sex can be unsatisfactory that way. It takes a lot of discipline and discussion before practising the withdrawal. Personally i opted this after 6months post partum till 1 year...but after that i'll consider IUD, the chance to get pregnant is lower, no hassle like taking pills or use condoms.

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4y ago

I think withdrawal method is still quite dangerous

Best to use contraceptives, if you use the rhythm method and count days to see if it's safe to have sex, it can be quite risky because if you are sick or there is a change in environment or to yourself (ie diet or stress), the regularity of your cycle will be disrupted and the rhythm method will not be as accurate. Chances of getting pregnant remains rather high.

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While contraceptives are traditionally the best ways to prevent pregnancy, I've read that the Sympto-Thermal Method is a popular and rather reliable way to naturally prevent pregnancy. To use the sympto-thermal method perfectly, you must be able to accurately combine and observe three natural family planning methods: calendar (to predict time of month when you are fertile), basal body temperature (a woman's temperature is generally higher closer to and during ovulation), and cervical mucus (if mucus has thinned, this is another indication of ovulation). http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/natural-family-planning-using-the-symptothermal-me.html

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