how to increase milk supply

Fail to latch despite with nipple shield so using pumping milk. going 2 months and the milk doesnt increase much. What can i do or eat for increasing supply milk?

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I have similar experience as you.. almost one month postpartum and I only have 20-30ml per pump for 30mins every 3 hours . I eat fish like threadfin and salmon, papaya fish soup, lactation cookies, green vegetables, oat, Milo etc and even tried to let baby latch. But everything is useless.. sigh :(

1y ago

I mixed my pathetic amount of BM with formula. I told myself it’s better than nothing :(

Pump every 2-3 hours as that will prepare your body for more demand. Also, increase the intake of green vegetables and oats in your diet - it helps in increasing milk supply


pump 2 hourly for 30 to 45 min to stimulate the supply. eat more fish drink more water. oats, Milo, salmon, Threadfin Fish can helps with supply too