Pregnancy craving

When did you feel carving during pregnancy ? I don't have any craving or appetite . I am in my 10 th week. is there any issue with my pregnancy?

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Your pregnancy is perfectly fine! Don't worry about not having any cravings. Not all pregnant women have cravings. I only craved twice for some foods when I'm in my 2nd trimester. That's when I started to have appetite to eat.

same here! I don't really hav any cravings and totally no appetite most of the time.. so far all seems to be all good. gonna see gynae tmr, hopefully all good! same for u too 😊

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Craving is more psychological. If you do, it’s fine. If you don’t, it’s just normal. I didn’t have cravings to the point that I get upset if I didn’t get it.


I had them from 2nd trimester onwards and mine not very frequent but once it strike the craving damn strong

It’s normal. I don’t have any cravings at all, currently at week 31 baby is growing well.

No just hormonal But must try to eat

I dun have craving too.. =)