When can babies start eating bread?

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My friends started giving their babies pieces of bread to gnaw on after they turn 6 months and after they know that their babies are not allergic to bread. The best type of bread to feed babies is white bread because it is the easiest for them to digest. Do note that you should avoid giving your baby large amounts of bread because it is rich in fibre. While fibre is generally beneficial for our health, too much of it can affect your baby’s appetite. This means that babies who eat a lot of fibre will have a reduced appetite, and this will result in them eating less and in turn, affect their growth and development.

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In general, it is fine to feed small amount of bread to babies above six months of age. However, if any of the family member is allergy to bread, it is best to hold off bread till one is sure that the baby is not allergic to it. Try not to give too much bread to a baby as the fiber may reduce their appetite for other food. Some of my friends offer small pieces of bread to their little ones as finger food to snack in between meals.

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I started giving small pieces of white bread my lo to nibble ok from one year onwards.

Best to start when baby is at least one year old