What should you say to someone who asks you, "when are you having kids?"
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Never. This world is overpopulated.
I'm hoping to freeze my eggs, so I don't know yet.
It's none of your business, thank you.
When are YOU having kids?

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they never got the chance to ask. my first last period was on my wedding day when I got pregnant with my 1st child. then first last period for 2nd child is a month before my 1st child's birthday. so currently pregnant. but my God, people likes to meddle so much. now they are asking me to stop having baby

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none of the above. i would just say when it comes, it comes. when God wills it. i believe everything happens for a reason and am contented either way.

i'm trying to conceive. Thank you for your concern. 😁

They shouldnt ask and add stress to couples

Ask my partner. It’s 2 persons job

" sorry? next question please. "

Please pray the best for me!


When are you having kids

when God says so😂

On 30 February!