What are your preparations before your child entered pre-school?

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Hi, I do not think there can be any preparation for the kid as kid doesn't understand it till the time he is in the school for the first time. I was counselling my baby for weeks before she finally had to go to school. Every night I used to tell her how fun school is going to be friends and teachers and new toys each day. So when the D-day came, my baby was so happy dressed and carrying the little tiny bag. We clicked the pictures of her first day and she posed happily for each picture, but after 20 minutes when we were in her school, she was howling like anything.

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To give him little introduction to how things are going to be when he goes out. I just had a word with my baby telling him about the school but kids are so small at this age that they listen at that time, but forget everything when the real time comes. So, even if one has prepared them, it seems all undone when they really face the new environment. So, one has to be around for a while in the pre-school initially to settle him down.

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What I did was, I enrolled him first to summer classes and short classes to gauge his interest. He's quite young pa kasi. At 2 years old, he's able to do what's being asked of him kaya lang ung daily preparations namin going to school ang pahirapan.

We do a role play at home, like a class setting. From there, I'm able to gauge how he would act once he starts going to school. We've been doing it since last year and I continuously improvement in how he deals with things.