What type of insurance have u buy for your child?

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Hospitalization and Personal Accident are the most basic that everyone should have the moment they're born (or even before that) - because if there are any complications then it stops you from being eligible to get any insurance after. After that, you can look into life insurance, early critical illness insurance and savings plans like endowment fund for future education! My son has a hospitalization and personal accident plan, as well as an endowment for his tertiary education/interest pursue (if he doesn't want to study anymore after NS). Am meeting my financial advisor this week to get early critical illness and life insurance coverage for him :) Other than covering our children, we also have to protect ourselves and our parents too - starting with children -> parent who earns most of household income -> other parent -> own parents (children's grandparents). Always cover the essentials (hospitalization and personal accident) first before thinking about any others! Don't need endowment plans for us as parents, but you should start looking into retirement plans - no matter how old you are now (I'm 21 and already talking to my financial advisor about it).

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Hospitalization, medical mostly. And accident coverage is a great one to get coz they seriously get into all funny situations.

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