What type of herbs would you recommend to increase fertility rates and what is the best method of consumption for a woman and for a man?

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There isn't herbs that can be recommended in a foru as it is not safe to do so. It is best to seek the medical advice of a TCM practitioner to have your own concoction as it is meant to be tailored to your needs and not some over the counter remedy like cough medicine just take - there is more specifics into it and I hope you understand. Riding on that note, the bodily systems and requirements of the male and female thus needing different concoctions to supplement and help. It. Do note that I use the word concoction as it is usually a mixture of many different herbs. Moreover, women body go through different phases of the menstrual cycle and thus need different concoctions at different phases. It is absolutely irresponsible and useless to take herbs without a proper consultation. By the way, the best method of consumption is to cook the herbs in a pot the traditional way, but nowadays a more convenient way is the powdered versions where u mix them together and add water and drink

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