What Fruit Do Pregnant Lady Eat

What type of fruit do u eat? I'm always feeling mouth sour. From the start of my pregnancy til now. Very uncomfortable. By eating cold fruit n drink make me happy a while. So far I eat apple n fragrance pear daily. The rest are as and when.

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You can eat Kiwi too since you like sour taste. Kiwi is a good source for folate, helps brain and cognitive development in babies. It also high in fiber to prevent constipation during pregnancy too.

2y ago

I see. I had bad reflux during my pregnancy too, so I consume all food moderately and avoid gassy and sour food before bedtime. Sleep on your left and don’t lay down immediately after eating. Perhaps you like to consume papaya or dragon fruit which are not sour and full of vitamins. Consume nuts as snacks, all type of nuts are very good for babies brain development and hair. Hang in there just a while more, your little one will be meeting you and your family soon.

i eat all types of fruits, just go with what you crave for.

Most fruits are fine.

I ate all kinds