What supplements/vitamins are you giving your toddlers?

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I didn't intentionally started supplements for my toddler and like what the mummy has replied you, I believe in my children absorbing the vital nutrients from food. However, my toddler suffered from eczema due to the cold and dry weather while we were overseas. It didn't get any better after our return. Despite the creams that were applied and helped with her eczema, they didn't curb it from recurring. We had to resort to supplementing her with Kids Smart Omega 3 Fish oil after researching and reading the labels of products available at the pharmacy. We did see results after letting her be on it for about a month and since then we have been giving it to her. http://www.bioglan.co.nz/products/kids-health/kids-smart-omega-3-fish-oil

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Personally I don't like to give supplements too much for my kids because it may be too much for their liver. I prefer to have a balanced diet for them, that is still the best way to have all the necessary nutrients. However cod liver oil is something which I will give. In my opinion multi vitamins or vitamin c tablets are unnecessary if the kids have a balanced diet, active lifestyle and sufficient exposure in the sun. A lot of multivitamins and supplements have sugar contents in them to make it more palatable for the kids which I don't like .

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My 5-yr old son has been taking kids supplements since he was 2 and im so amazed he seldom gets cold or flu with the weather changing. He's got more energy, increased appetite and a smart boy (his teacher says and other parents too).

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I believe a well balanced diet is sufficient. I do not recommend vits unless the pd specifically request you to supplement your child diet with vits

Not a huge advocate of supplements here but there is no harm in giving vitamins. You might want to try Nordic Naturals DHA or Scotts vitamins.