Pregnancy vitamins and supplements

Can mummies share what additional supplements you take during your pregnancy?

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You need to check your blood and ask Ob/g for this as overdose can cause harm for you and the baby. From blood screening they can also determined what you're lack off and recommended your right supplements for your body condition.

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I was given fish oil, multivitamins and calcium gummy (calcium pill was too big for me to swallow hence I requested for alternative, and glad I did!)

Prescribed by gynae: Multivitamins, fish oil & calcium! I also supplement folic acid as my multivitamins is chewable type (less folic acid in it).

Folic acid, calcium, vitamin B, soy protein shake, chocolate body key (All from Amway) and gynae recommended fish oil.

Obimin, fish oil with DHA, folic acid (up to somewhere in end 2nd trimester) and vitamin D

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Obimin multi vitamins, Omical calcium supplements and fish oil

Obimin or Abbott multivitamins, High DHA fish oil, Calcium.

Obimin, fish oil & calcium

Multivitamins help