What sort of weaning diet is easy to prepare and requires very minimum time? #parenttown

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Smoothies are great options too. They are easy to prepare so you can avoid store bought ones (usually high in sugar). Make the smoothies using food that your baby has eaten before and had shown no allergic reaction to. Like what Vanessa mentioned, ff you are introducing new food in the smoothie, make sure you only have one new food in the blend and observe for 3-4 days. In the event that your baby displays any allergic symptom, you can isolate the ingredient that is causing the reaction. Here’s an article on making smoothies for babies: http://canigivemybaby.com/smoothies/ And here are a few recipes you can consider: http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/babysmoothiesrecipes.htm

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You can consider preparing purees (both veggies + fruits) in bulk and freezing them for future use. Simply puree the fruits and vegetables of your choice and pour them into ice cube trays. Cover the trays with plastic wrap and proceed to freeze. Each puree cube should yield 1 ounce of food. When they are frozen, remove them from the trays and place them in freezer safe ziplock bags. Be sure to label them (type of puree and date prepared). These purees should be good for a month. When it's time to feed baby, remove from the bags, thaw and reheat. http://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/pureebabyfoodandstore.htm

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Iron-fortified plain rice cereal is recommended as the first weaning food. It is recommended to be mixed with breast milk or formula milk to the required consistency. There is no particular order for food introduction. Foods to be introduced should be dependent on the baby’s nutritional needs. Attention should be paid to the texture and consistency of the foods offered. It is also important to introduce one new food at a time,. On an average, a waiting period of 3 – 4 days between new foods to observe for any adverse reactions.

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In my opinion, bananas and avocados are the easiest to prepare. Just cut, mesh and served. You can add breastmilk or formula milk to the required consistency. Bananas are often a favourite food for little ones because they are sweet. They are easy to prepare, filling, and tasty, as well as being a good source of potassium. Avocados are It is a good source of healthy fat (monounsaturated fat) and vitamin C.

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