What are some sneaky ways to get pregnant? My husband has no interest in another child.

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Go down on your hubby and then run to the bathroom to spit out the cum - but instead spit into a container and then put the lid on it. Come back a few minutes later to pee and then take dropper and make sure there's no air bubbles in it. Inseminate yourself and then prop yourself up for 15-30 mins after to help sperm to swim up to your cervix. :)

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All the other answers here are so funnily sneaky. But if u are really pregnant and told ur hub about it and his face will be like not very pleased. Do u really want t be pregnant and then after that hav a fight w ur hub? Maybe u should just speak to him, why he doesn't want? N work things out to assure him another child doesn't harm.

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I recommend not trying to get pregnant again if your husband is not keen. It would add to his stress and may even cause the marriage to fail if he found out the truth. Think about how your current child would feel if your husband walks out of the family due to this?

Make sure to have unprotected s** . (In best fertile days)(we woman know how to melt a man. Right? 😉)And then after get pregnant pretend like it was a mistek by him because he forget to get precaution. But now ur pregnant and want this baby (make Emotional drama )

Do you use condoms? Poke it with pins! So there are tiny holes. Or better still, you make holes on the condom then you be the one putting the condom on for him so he doesnt suspect! Hahaha. Saw this in some show actually! Lol

Go to the doc, get birth control pills. Then show n tell ur husband that u r taking the birth control pills n that condoms r not needed. But do not really take it.. tested and proven method!

Poke holes with pins in condoms. Hahaha. I saw a chinese drama, the husband did this as well. However, you may want to reconsider afterall its better to discuss and plan ahead!

Have you ask your hub why he doesnt want another child? Is not right do sneaky ways to get pregnant. let it natural to be done would be better.

Hahaha lol, Dads and Men BEWARE. Ill definitely freak out if im a guy. LMAO.

Simple. You pretend to use contraception and then you don't.